Harris Hematoxylin

H&E Stain, Harris Hematoxylin, Hematoxylin, Eosin Y

Interested in selling our high-quality Harris Hematoxylin or any of our other quality stains under your own brand? American MasterTech has a long and successful history of providing industry leading OEM products for facilities ranging from small independent labs to large global corporations. There isn't an OEM project that is too small or too large to be handled by American MasterTech's highly trained OEM Division. Each OEM project receives the same level of attention, professionalism, service, and delivery excellence that American MasterTech is known and respected for throughout the world.

Past and Current custom OEM projects within the traditional marketplace at American MasterTech have included but are not limited to: Buffers, Fixatives, Mounting Mediums, Pre-filled Specimen Containers, Special Stains and Kits, and Tissue Adhesives. American MasterTech can handle small scale OEM projects such as manufacturing a product that has already been developed by the customer or American MasterTech and package it in accordance to your own specifications. American MasterTech can also manage full scale OEM projects that originate with a simple concept, idea, or diagnostic target that must then be developed in compliance with specific geographic regulations, adapted to specific equipment, placed into custom designed product packaging that is accompanied by multi-lingual product documentation and regional compliance markings.

Whether your vision has complicated regulatory issues, difficulties in packaging or stability, or includes a problem that needs a solution, American MasterTech's OEM Division is ready to provide the answer. Our team of highly trained staff members are unmatched in the industry, with an excellent track record for meeting project demands on time, as desired, and exactly to specification. To learn more about our OEM program, call 1-800-860-4073 to speak to our highly trained OEM staff.