Harris Hematoxylin

H&E Stain, Harris Hematoxylin, Hematoxylin, Eosin Y

Harris Hematoxylin, the most commonly used Hematoxylin worldwide, is the perfect choice for all routine histology staining needs. It is routinely used in regressive methods typically with Eosin as the counterstain. MasterTech's Harris Hematoxylin uses aluminum as a mordant and sodium iodate as the chemical ripening agent. You can be assured that our Harris Hematoxylin contains no mercury, has an extended shelf life, and exclusively uses BSC (Biological Stain Commission) certified Hematoxylin dye, which in turn produces a vibrant, purple-blue "Nucleus of Excellence."

Every batch of American MasterTech's Harris Hematoxylin solution is carefully manufactured at our facility by our own American MasterTech team. This ensures that our customers are recieving the highest-quality of Harris Hematoxylin available. MasterTech's Harris Hematoxylin is available in four convenient sizes: Pint, Liter, Gallon, or a five-gallon cube.