Harris Hematoxylin

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Hematoxylin, the worlds most widely used nuclear stain, is extracted from the heartwood of Central America's logwood tree, Haematoxylon campechianum. This logwood tree is native to Central America, but since 1715 it has been scientifically cultivated in Jamaica. When the logwood tree is freshly cut, it is colorless, but during atmospheric or chemical oxidation, it turns dark reddish-brown. This logwood tree is then processed into Hematoxylin, the lifeblood of histology.

Hematoxylin has been used in the histological community for almost two-hundred years to demonstrate tissue components, such as: nuclei, mitotic structures, mitochondria, mucin, hemoglobin, elastic fibers, muscle, collagen, axons, phospholipids, protozoa, fatty acids, myelin sheaths and so much more!

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